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How Safe is your Home?

Pro's Top 5 Window Choices

Window professionals and contractors don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to fulfilling building code guidelines and designing infrastructures with comfort and efficiency at each product buying decision they encounter.

So, it’s no surprise that they choose energy efficient, Vinyl IMPACT Windows backed by skilled professional installations that have been tried and tested to withstand some of nature’s toughest elements such as harsh HVHZ weather conditions and storms.

There are a wide variety of viable and energy-friendly options homeowners and professionals can choose for their windows, including vinyl windows which happen to be one of the more energy efficient options for buildings.

Why do Pro's Choose IMPACT Vinyl?

SIMPLE! Aside from being the second most common plastic in the world, vinyl windows are easily molded to make a myriad of design options possible.

Professionals and homeowners alike may choose to install IMPACT vinyl windows because these windows are:

  • Low maintenance
  • Recyclable
  • Energy efficient
  • Excellent Warranties

5 most popular ImpactVinyl Windows

1. Impact Casement Windows HVHZ

2. Impact Fixed Architectural Picture windows

3. Impact Horizontal Rollers / Sliders

4. Impact Single Hung

5. Impact Double Hung Windows

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Vinyl Impact Windows

Vinyl is one of the most in-demand plastics around the world today and these windows are a great option for energy efficient buildings with plenty of designs to choose from.

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Impact Upgrades can also virtually eliminate “smash and grab” and Home break-ins and burglaries from unwanted intruders 24/7!

We have plenty more energy savings options for you such as :

J Low-E glass coating instead of just tinted ….

Low-E coated glass, reflects heat back to the source, the short wave light can pass through the coating which allows for interior illumination without the costly heat intrusion.

J Insulated Impact with LoE eliminates up to 99% of Heat….

Another window option for energy efficiency and savings is by investing in an extra pane of glass which comes standard in insulated glass systems. The inner layer is filled with Argon gas that reflects external heat to help regulate your home’s temperature.

There are plenty of other things we can do around your home to increase your energy efficiency, however by replacing your windows with Insulated Impact window  installations, can create a home that maximizes your homes Efficiency, Safety and Comfort! offers laminated insulated Impact glass windows that offer the maximum potential for energy efficiency, and may qualify for an ENERGY STAR rating which means you may qualify for tax credits. Best off all, provides worry Free Safety, Hurricane and Storm protection qualifying many home owners for Insurance discounts.

Lastly, Vinyl over Aluminum. Vinyl, Insulated Impact Windows with LoE out perform comparable aluminum windows simply because Vinyl does not “radiate” heat like metals, i.e Aluminum. Some Vinyl offer LIFETIME WARRANY, the very BEST Value for your family and your home.

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